Reaching the Unreached

Reaching the Unreached

Community Based Inclusive Development

(CBID) Program of PWDs

Dar-ul-Sukun has been a center for protection, care and rehabilitation of the abandoned Persons with the Disabilities (PWDs) since 1969. Though Dar-ul-Sukun serves large number of vulnerable and marginalized children and adults with disabilities, the demand for facilities and services for more people keep rising.

While institutions for the persons with disabilities mainly provide protection, care and rehabilitation, this one pronged practice also causes their exclusion from the mainstream society. At the same time, PWDs commonly sustain a legacy of execration by the families and society in Pakistan due to insensitivity to the needs and the latent potentials of people with disabilities. The apathetic mindset of families and communities is one of the barriers to the development of people with disabilities which has to change.
Care and rehabilitation is a categorical prerequisite of persons with the disabilities to overcome their privations. The community sensitization to disability management is instrumental for nurturing support to PWDS. To respond to this critical need, Dar-ul-Sukun has initiated its Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and inclusive development program for PWDs.

Along with in-house services, Dar-ul-Sukun thus is promoting CBR as a strategy for the inclusive development of persons with disabilities to seed skills and sensitivity within communities by reaching out to larger and distant population. We believe that this approach enables PWDs not to elude connection with their communities and society which can be the best and durable source of their mainstreaming.
CBR is currently a small scale program run by Dar-ul-Sukun through its own meager resources in two urban centers one at Nusrat Bhutto colony, Karachi and other in Kashmor district of Kand Kot in the interior Sindh. The overwhelming positive results of this initiative suggest that there is a need to scale up the program for meeting the unmet needs of the persons with disabilities.