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The Quetta Center is a well thought out and planned initiative for Dar ul Sukun, as an extension to the services it provides to ensure human rights. With a mandate of ensuring education and personality development efforts for girls education and women empowerment in Balochistan, Quetta Center commenced operations in the end of 2007 to is running .

Activities offered by Quetta Center for residents include:

Daily Schedule:

A daily activity schedule is planned for residents which follows specific schedules for: Monday to Friday; Saturday; & Sunday. This schedule is designed in line with academic schedules as well as balancing extra-curricular activities.

Coaching Support:

Residents are provided in-house coaching support in important subjects like Math, Science, English, Accounts, and Computers etc. through experienced teachers

Linguistics Classes:

Language skills are a passport to the world full of opportunities. To make our residents fluent in spoken languages classes are conducted according to the level of understanding of the languages.

Computer Classes: We strongly believe that an individual without computer knowledge and skills will be as good as illiterate in the future. To equip the Center residents with computer operating skills we have a computer room with the latest version LCD monitor personal computers with internet facility. Residents are allowed to practice computers with the support of a trained instructor and set of practice books for various computer programs.

Library: We have special library with a vast collection of curriculum and non- curriculum books including kindles and electronic gadgets. Separate partitioned reading tables and comfortable cushioned chairs are provided in the library. English magazines and newspapers for students for classes X and XII are also available. Library room can be used by the residents round the clock for reading and homework purposes.

Health Care: Medical check-up is compulsory for each resident in the Center. This is done in the beginning of the first term. If required, residents are further checked up with specialist doctors also. Hygienic balanced food and purified soft water is provided to the residents. First aid medicine is also provided in the Center, however if needed doctor is consulted at any time for further treatment.

Entertainment: Every weekend on Saturday evening a selected movie is shown to the residents in the Center. Playing time is a part of daily routine for the residents. Picnics, dinner parties, birthday celebrations and sports competitions are arranged for entertainment of residents regularly.

Leadership Training: To provide leadership training at the formative years we have weekly sessions for training and capacity building of the residents in the Center.

Moral Education: To develop moral values, spiritual insights and instincts in our residents, learning about and respecting our faith we take religion seriously in the Center. It is mandatory for all the residents to attend prayers regularly. Each resident has to take part in moral and ethical educational programs.

Celebration of Festivals & Events: Major national & regional festivals are celebrated with joy and cheers. Special activities and programs are organized to celebrate the events. Residents are served feast on these occasions. Birthdays of residents are also celebrated regularly in the Center.

Residents Monitoring: Residents are constantly monitored by the dedicated Center staff.