Rehabilitation Center

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“Addiction denied is

recovery delayed.”

To provide for the needs of vulnerable and marginalized groups in interior Sindh, Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization (RMWO) was set up by a group of retired Pakistan Air Force officers in 1998. RMWO purchased about 100 acres of land in Tando Allah Yar district of Sindh, 35 km from Hyderabad city and developed purpose built facilities to engage Pakistan’s most reputable development organizations by offering them space to operate and serve the needy populations of the vicinity. This area is popularly known as Rashidabad and organizations operating there have been selected and allowed to operate under a very strict criterion.
Dar ul Sukun is one of the organizations selected to establish services at Rashidabad. Currently, a rehabilitation complex is under construction that will be utilised by Dar ul Sukun to deliver multiple services to children with disabilities and vulnerable families. Services offered will include:
1. Residential facilities for severely disabled and destitute individuals who require support and assistance on a daily basis
2. Rehabilitation facilities for individuals who need regular physical and intellectual assistance

Dar-ul-Sukun will also be utilizing this space to conduct professional trainings for people who are providing service to people with disabilities. Rashidabad Center is expected to be fully constructed and operational by March 2018.

Rashidabad Center provides an opportunity for Dar-ul-Sukun to capitalize and plan for future expansion and provide services to a larger number of beneficiaries. In addition, Rashidabad Center also provides space and opportunity for the following:

Centre for Special Educational Needs and Disability (CSEND)
It is Dar ul Sukun’s aim to provide every child and person with disability with learning opportunities and experiences in order to build their confidence and self-esteem; rehabilitate them up to their optimum level; and to make them responsible and productive members of the community. CSEND will provide innovative learning environments that will support learning needs of pupils with disability through inclusive design of premises by making school building attractive and accessible; access to IT, sports and arts facilities; as well as customized curriculum/s.

Training and Research Center (TRC)
A full time TRC will be established to ensure capacity building of all staff employed by Dar-ul-Sukun. This will include orientation and training for new staff members as well as refresher courses and training on new and updated techniques for existing staff. The TRC would also be involved in conducting assessments for new projects / initiatives as well as bringing world class learning from the rest of the world at our doorstep. Monitoring and evaluation of different Dar-ul-Sukun projects would also be a key function of the TRC. In addition, a library would be established as part of the TRC for knowledge management and storing relevant material.

Skill Development Center (SDC)
The SDC will offer training in vocational and technical trade to children from Dar-ul-Sukun network who are without disability or have only minor disabilities. As a result, these children will become skilled in a trade of their choice that they can market as a source of livelihood for themselves. Emphasis will also be laid on confidence building so that these children can be engaged as part of mainstream society in future.
Kitchen Garden and Livestock Breeding
Rashidabad also offers space for Dar-ul-Sukun to establish a kitchen garden where organic fruits and vegetables can be grown to better manage and support food supplies for the Centers. Often, live animals e.g. goats, cows and chicken are donated to Dar-ul-Sukun and it becomes difficult to store or manage slaughter of these animals. The Rashidabad Center offers a convenient facility where surplus live animals can be kept, breeding promoted and food security as well as an additional income generation source for Dar-ul-Sukun ensured.

Recreational Spot
Due to recent law and order situation in the country, picnics and outings for Dar-ul-Sukun residents have been greatly reduced. Dar-ul-Sukun intends to develop a recreational spot that will offer opportunity of outdoor activities for children from all Dar-ul-Sukun Centers.