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CCMD is the flagship Centre of Dar ul Sukun, the first physical premises that was set up to cater to the needs of children with severe disabilities. Over time, the organization developed in terms of physical infrastructure as well as people capacity to be able to offer flexible and personalized care and activities for children with disabilities.

Awareness Events

Awareness events are an important avenue to engage our extended community and society at large. These events have a two-fold purpose: 1) to create awareness about the rights of persons with disabilities and 2) to encourage community members to become more responsive towards persons with disabilities and take action to support them. All our events our designed to be inclusive so that a wide range of audience can benefit from them, which includes people with disabilities as well as people without disabilities. Events vary from in-house activities such as national celebrations, religious festivals including Eid and Christmas, to larger external community gatherings, theater performances and events and activities to mark international causes and cause related events.

Volunteer Engagement
Dar ul Sukun benefits from the assistance of a large number of volunteers particularly school children. Local volunteers visit Dar ul Sukun according to schedules that suit each individual. They select their areas of interest and expertise to serve the Dar ul Sukun. Volunteers assist children with disabilities to move in and out of therapy sessions, assist them on exercises, help them with their meals and spend recreational time with them as well.

Dar ul Sukun also received international volunteers, particularly from The Netherlands who stay from one to three months (in some cases even longer) serving the children. Once they return home, volunteers continue to assist Dar ul Sukun through financial and in-kind assistance even if they cannot visit.

We are committed to providing a reliable and high quality service experience. A wide range of facilities are offered for children with disabilities:

Quality care is provided for children with disabilities. Care-giving involves proper planning, health and medication handling as well as assisting the children with basic needs. Care-givers provide assistance to the residents with their activities of daily living which include eating, bathing, shaving, caring for the skin, hair and mouth, and transferring (moving from chairs, toilets or bed); taking care of household chores and meals. Staff members are “on call” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing assistance to children with profound diverse physical & intellectual disabilities with knowledge, patience and skills.

Dar ul Sukun’s Department of Rehabilitation strives to improve health, functional performance and participation in daily life activities for children with profound and diverse disabilities. The department provides the highest quality resident care to those who are experiencing disability, pain or loss of function. DUS provides variety of rehabilitation services including:

Physiotherapy: Professional physiotherapists engage children through tailored therapy and different exercises to improve their mobility, balance, coordination and strength
Occupational Therapy: Our Occupational Therapists work with children to build their skills and confidence to take part in everyday activities
Sensory Integration Therapy: Sensory Integration therapy has been designed for children with the developmental disorders and with established dysfunction of sensory processing, e.g., children with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Sensory integration therapy is commonly used with occupational and physical therapy and includes specific movement activities and resistive body work to enable a decrease in anxiety of children, making them more confident, successful and interactive explorers
Perception in Music Therapy (PIM): Dar ul Sukun has introduced PIM therapy which is a new concept being incorporated with sensory integration and occupational therapy. It has been found very productive as an effective therapy for children as well as adults experiencing sensory disability.

Other rehabilitation services offered include:

  • Habilitation Therapy
  • Psychology Sessions
  • Psychiatric Sessions
  • Counselling
  • Developing Activities of Daily Life (ADL)
  • Developing Speech
  • Language & Communication Skills
  • Fitness & Gym
  • Mind Diversion Therapy through Art & Craft
  • Rehabilitation through Recreational Activities
  • Vocational Therapy
  • Sports Rehab

Medical Department

Children with critical needs are the easiest targets of viral germs. To ensure that children with physical and intellectual disabilities have proper medical assessment and a managed medical plan, Dar ul Sukun has established a medical centre within its premises. The medical centre covers primarily health care needs of children with disabilities and ensures that residents receive prompt and appropriate medical care when needed. Two General Physicians (GPs) and three professional nurses run the facility: GPs hold their clinic four times a week while at least one nurse is available round the clock for 24 hours to attend the children. In case of any emergency, residents are immediately transferred to Aga Khan University Hospital or Holy Family Hospital for treatment.

Sports and Fitness

Residents at Dar ul Sukun are engaged in fitness activities on a daily basis. Some of our residents have been selected to represent Pakistan in national and international sports events including Special Olympics held in USA, China, Ireland and India across the years. Dar ul Sukun children have made the country proud by winning Gold medals in various games.

Recreational Activities

The children are engaged in a variety of recreational activities such as musical evenings, picnics and outings. These events are organized to give children an opportunity to experience mainstream society at large and learn to become responsible members of the community as far as possible.

Community Engagement

Dar ul Sukun collaborates actively with the community to address issues related to disability. This is in the form of a two way exchange, through Training and Awareness Events organized by Dar ul Sukun as well as hosting volunteers to support and extend the programs being implemented within the Centre.


Dar ul Sukun initiated a training program to facilitate management and enhance perception about disability through training & awareness in the society. The first program “Accepting the Exceptional (ATE) Learners” program was designed in 2015 for capacity building of special educators and individuals who are engaged directly or indirectly with children with Profound Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD).  Over the years the training department has evolved tremendously. 16 customized trainings are designed to cater to training needs for skill development, updating expertise of practitioners and shaping the perceptions of society regarding persons with disabilities; from school going children to youth, from health care providers to medical professionals, from parents to teachers, from corporate to government sector. The Training Department is constantly evolving in the training services that it offers. The team is continuously involved in research and needs assessments based on which trainings are contextualized and curriculums are improved.

Amenities For The

Children With Disabilities

Children with physical and intellectual disabilities always need specialized medical care and support To overcome this problem, a small medical Centre has been build up in the premises to provide care for children with medical complexity who have functional limitations and an increased need for medical services. To staff it, a General Physician, a Pediatrician and three professional nurses have been hired. This team of health care professional is available round the clock to meet the medical needs of our children In case of emergency, children are rushed to Holy family or Agha Khan Hospitals where they undergo medical treatments.

Since majority of the children are experiencing physical and cognitive disabilities at Dar ul Sukun’s main branch, physiotherapy is considered to be a critical component of care for these children. Professional physiotherapists are engaged with children in different therapies and techniques to help them learn new self help skills and rehabilitate to improve their quality of life.

The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday life. The department of occupational therapy achieve this outcome by enhancing the individual’s ability to participate, by modifying the environment, or by adapting the activity to better support participation. This helps to increase independence and satisfaction in all aspects of life

As a routine, during the summer season plenty of recreational activities such as music evenings, picnics and outings are organized for the children, which children rejoice with usual fervor.

Sensory integration therapy has been designed for the children with developmental disorders and with established dysfunction of sensory processing, e. g., children with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A Sensory room has been setup to calm or stimulate an individual through each of the senses. A mobile trolley equipped with sensory tools, is used for the treatment of the children those who are confined to their beds.

Special Olympics Pakistan helps intellectualy challeged individuals to participate in national and international sports events to gain confidence and develop their skills through power of sports. Dar ul Sukun is fortunate that our children are being selected for last many years and visited countries such as The United States of America, China, Ireland and India where they won first prizes (Gold medals) in various games. To keep them fit all the time, a schedule for daily practice is followed. by our physical fitness trainer

A well-equipped and fully furnished special education Centre has been developed to enhance the skills of the children with physical and intellectual disabilities with trained staff. Individual educational plans are designed to help children with special needs reach their potential. They participate in different activities and generally love coloring, making crafts, paintings and other fun therapies. Audio visual aids are used as educational tool to promote better Understanding.

Music is an allied health profession that uses music as a tool within the context of a therapeutic relationship to address the physical, psychological, motoric and cognitive needs of individual. Music in general is thought to be an effective therapeutic medium because it is non-verbal, non-threatening and naturally motiving for all. Dar ul Sukun has introduced PIM therapy which is a new concept being incorporated with the sensory integration and occupation therapy. It has been found very productive and effective therapy for the children and adult experiencing some sensory disability.

Institution’s NameLocationFounded in Specialized Program
Dar ul Sukun (Main Centre) Karachi1969Accommodating And Rehabilitation For The Children With Physical And Cognitive Disabilities. Family Adoption Program Supporting Poor And Needy People For Their Children’s Medical And For The Rehabilitation Treatment, In a Form Of Finance, Medical And In Kinds. Employee’s Children Education Program.
Dar ul Sukun ( Branch) Karachi1975Centre For The Children With Critical Needs And Difficult To Handle.
Dar ul Sukun (Branch) Karachi1978Centre For The Senior Citizens
Dar ul Sukun (Branch) Karachi1981Centre For The Socially Displaced And Polio Effected Girls.
Dar ul Sukun (Branch) Quetta2007Centre For The Socially Displaced And Parentless Boys. Women Empowerment (Stitching Centre). Girls Tuitions Center.