Disability Self Employment Program

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“Most people who work for themselves

have achieved work-life imbalance.”

People with disabilities are appallingly over-represented among the poor; about 82 per cent of them live below the poverty line. Poverty is a consequence of disability since people with disabilities often lack access to education, health services and income-generating activities. They are often denied their human, social and economic rights. These factors contribute to high levels of vulnerability and exclusion.

A large number of disable people have least employment opportunities while they have the capacity and skills to contribute in economic growth. To address the poverty of PWDs, Dar-ul-Sukun has initiated a disability self-employment Program through which they can start their own business and earn their living with dignity. Besides that Dar-ul-Sukun explores some job opportunities in and around the mainstream circle to earn to help PWDs secure employment.