Women Empowerment Program

Reaching the Unreached

Community Based Inclusive Development

(CBID) Program of PWDs

Marginality and vulnerability of women in Balochistan is worse off. The cultural factors largely hinder women mobility and access to work outside home while men largely remain unemployed and women face effects of financial crises and consequences. A woman serves family with least resources and saves the least for her.

Women has proved that they can improve socio-economic conditions of their families if opportunities and skills are availed to them to earn a better living. Realizing the need to mobilize and organize women for their empowerment, Dar-ul-Sukun has started a women empowerment program through small skills development center in the slum area where women come to learn stitching, handing-crafts etc. As they finish their training, they are provided sewing machine and required material to start their own small business at home.