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Our Mission

“To provide support, care and shelter to the special people, socially displaced children, senior citizens and poor families for viable change in their lives through a team of committed professionals, dedicated nuns and compassionate volunteers.”

Our Vision

Our vision to provide sustained high quality sensitive care, health and nutritional services, constructing living places and rehabilitation centre’s and facilities for creative education, learning and leisure activities through a team of committed professionals, dedicated nuns and compassionate volunteers all over the country.

Our Values

We help people to overcome their sufferings with love and compassion We believe in serving all human beings irrespective of their religious, ethnic, regional and cultural background. We are just means for sponsors who desire to help and assist the people in need. We are open and factual in our dealing with everyone.

"Your Zakat / Donation Can Comfort The Souls of Innocence"

Our Annual Reports


Annual Reports

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Annual Reports

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Annual Reports

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Mar 19
Opening of Its New Centre for the Senior Citizens. http://t.co/OAVThItKfM

Message from Sr. Ruth

As a spontaneous response to the precariously ignored sufferings of physically and mentally retarded children, Dar-ul-Sukun set out its mission to provide caring services for people with physical disabilities in Karachi early seventies. Our services to physically challenged people still constitute the largest of our activities of which we brag about eternally. It affords us the gratification of availing the blessings of these little angels. We also recognize that apart from physically and mentally handicapped souls helplessness befalling people can also be manmade. The alarming phenomena of growing poverty, high inflation, violence, energy crisis and internal insecurity have inflicted majority of people in our beloved country with serious damages and challenges in last decade or so. Paramount at the core of the teachings of all the religions is compassion and empathy for less privileged. The sufferings are not a test for victims but for us, especially for those who are privileged enough to alleviate the sufferings of vulnerable people.

From the heart of suffering we can draw inspiration which characterizes my story of tally devoting career to the people we serve.

Despite our goodwill, devotion and steady efforts, obstacles continue to pose serious challenge for us. But with the support of so many benefactors we have been to build an impressive track record of serving marginalized people of the society. Looking after the neglected people of the society is our collective responsibility. Sometimes small things done by us mean a lot in others lives. The power of giving can even improve you own lives apart from recipients. Dar-ul-Sukun has been hospitable place for contributors from majority of religions, races, and ethnicity living in Pakistan and small number of individuals and institutions aboard especially Lemmens Foundation based in the Netherlands. I am extremely grateful for your persistent friendship and support to our beneficiaries and look forward to a lasting connection with you. God Bless you.

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Contact Us

Dar-ul-Sukun (Head office)

  • 21-34554139,21-34550381,21-34558797
  • darulsukun@gmail.com
  • 159/H/3 Kashmir Road, PECHS Karachi, Pakistan

Our Network

Dar-ul-Sukun (Home for the Senior citizens)

  • +92-021-32293248,21-32293249
  • seniorcitizensdus@gmail.com
  • House # JM-2/243, Catholic Colony no 1, M.A Jinnah Road Karachi

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