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Donate Your Trash/Wastage

Pkr 4500

Campaign Target


Pkr 3650 to go

Donate Your Trash/Wastage

For the financial operation of our organization,we mostly rely on local donation and Zakat. On account of Pakistan’s ever deteriorating economy and worsening law and order situation, we have experienced a gradual decline in the financial receipts. With tight budget, for last few years it has become harder to cater to the genuine, growing and recurring needs of Dar ul Sukun’s beneficiaries. To make ends meet our organization has launching a trash collection campaign along with few other innovative fundraising initiatives. A small experience in recent past suggests that if discarded residential and office trash is systematically collected, sorted and sold for reuse, it can turn out to be miraculous resource for generating for financial and social value both for us and donors.

Our call for this donation in kind offers you an opportunity to serve people with special needs. The finances generated with your trash or unused items will enable us fight out complex social problems by carrying on our mission of serving abandoned children and Senior Citizens.