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Pkr 12000

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Pkr 11000 to go

Donate A Wheel Chair

Project Goal:
Providing primary need of mobility and accessibility to the children and adults with disabilities in order to get them back into the mainstream society.

Focus Area:
Scale of disability requirements and rehabilitation is higher in Interior Sindh than the city Areas. Initially Interior Sindh is being focused for the wheel chairs and Assistive devices distribution. It has started in Karachi and other parts of the country as the primary requirements of Interior Sindh is fulfilled.

Distribution Mechanism:
Dar ulSukun has been receiving requests from local CBOs., DPOs., individuals and local communities from different parts ofIinterior Sindh and about 1000 wheelchairs are required at present accordingly. Dar ulSukun has made a request of 100 wheel chairs to its each sponsor/ donor and distribution will be done through the CBOs,DPOs and through the community levels. DarulSukun will report to all the sponsors and donors about the Distribution.

For further details please feel free to contact the Administration of Darulsukun.